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ProgDvb 6.85.5 ( download )

ProgDVB - este un software universak si foarte evoluat, util pentru receptionarea si vizionarea televiziunilor digitale si ascultarea posturilor de radio

Este compatibil cu diverse surse:

Internet TV and Radio ( Peste 4000 de canale in lista).
DVB-S (satellite), DVB-S2, DVB-C (cable), DVB-T, ATSC, ISDB-T
Analog TV
Playback fisire video.

Main functions:
High Definition TV support including H.264/AVC
Picture-in-picture support as well as independent simultaneous recording/playback of several channels from one or more devices
Mosaic fast channels preview
Support for the majority of DVB, ISDB-T and ATSC devices including DiSEqC and CAM interfaces support
Support for all digital TV audio formats: MPEG, AC3, AAC,...
Time shifting functionality using the RAM or disk buffer of unlimited size
10 Bands equalizer
TV and Radio channels recording
Playback from disk based files
Electronic program guide (EPG) from Digital TV or XmlTV,JTV.
Subtile(Teletext, image-based and closed captions)
Support for VR, VMR7,VMR9 and EVR renderers including OSD (except VR) independently from channel type or signal presence
Network broadcasting
Skins for OSD and GUI
Both Win32 and full-fledged Win64 versions are available
Interface Language Localizations

Comparare versiuni

PIP and Mosaic-*
Record and scheduler-*
Multi-audio channels-*
PIP and Dual Tuner-*
Poti sa beneficiezi de functiunile de baza ale ProgDVB in mod gratuit fără restrictii cu ProgDVB Standard edition.

Download ProgDVB

ProgDVB necesita Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 sau mai nou, pe care il pto descarca de aici
Ultima cersiune Pre-release de ProgDVB o poti descarca aici.
ProgDVB x32 Professional
for XP, Vista, Windows7.

Free 21 days trial period + 7 days test keys.
6.85.513.3 MB25 €
Buy now
ProgDVB x64 Professional
for XP64, Vista64, Windows7 64.

Free 21 days trial period + 7 days test keys.
6.85.512.0 MB25 €
Buy now
ProgDVB x32 Pro/COMPUTERBILD6.85.514.2
ProgDVB x64 Pro/COMPUTERBILD6.85.512.0
Register MPEG-2 codecs25 $
Elecard AVC/H.264 codec40 $
SD MPEG-2 Encoders pack for AnalogTuner module
(21 days trial period)
1.01.9 MB35 €
Buy now
Free of chargeVersionSizeOld
ProgDVB x32
(for Windows 200, XP, Vista, Win7)
6.85.512.1 MB 6.85.4
ProgDVB x64
(for XP64, Vista64, Win7 64)
6.85.510.4 MB 6.85.4
Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.02.022 MB
ProgDVB quick start manual by Thomas Hillard1.8 MB
ProgDVB DiSEqC manual by Thomas Hillard0.6 MB
Prog Media Server by Akad (English and Russian)0.4 MB

Download versiuni mai vechi de Progdvb

ProgDVB 6.61.1 x32 Pro Last version using ProgDVB Engine 4.x. Support hardmode and some other oldest functions
ProgDVB 6.61.1 x32 Std
ProgDVB 6.61.1 x64 Pro
ProgDVB 6.61.1 x64 Sdt
ProgDVB 5.16.2 Pro(full install). last version using ProgDVB Engine 2.x.
ProgDVB 5.16.2 Std(full install). last version using ProgDVB Engine 2.x.
ProgDVB 5.09.2 (full install). last version using ProgDVB Engine 1.x.
ProgDVB 4.92.4 Pro(full install). last 4.x version.
ProgDVB 4.92.4 Std(full install). last 4.x version.
ProgDVB 4.91.8 (full install). last version for Windows 9x.
ProgDVB 4.85.3 (full install). last version using ProgDVB Engine 1.x.
ProgDVB 4.62.6 (full install). last version that supports only one device at a time.
ProgDVB 4.56.2 (full install). last version not based on ProgDvb engine.
ProgDVB 4.48.2 (full install). last not Unicode version.
ProgDVB 4.38.6 test (full install).
ProgDVB 4.26.4 (full install [English/Russian]).
ProgDVB 4.07
ProgDVB 3.31.1
ProgDVB 2.07.1
ProgDVB 1.76

Currently works with DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-T and DVB-C cards of the following manufactures:
Anysee (E30S Plus,...)
AverMedia DVB-S
Azurewave (TwinHan) (VP-1027, VP-1034, VP-1041,... ).
BroadLogic 2030/1030
Compro VideoMate DVB-S
Digital everywhere FireDTV/FloppyDTV
DVBWorld USB2.0 DVB-S/DVBWorldDTV(PCI-Sat), Acorp TV878DS/DS110/DS120, Nextorm NBS240/NSC120
GeniaTech products(Digistar DVB-S PCI, satbox, TVStar, Digistar2, Digiwave 103G,...)
Kworld DVB-S 100 compatible (Vstream, Dynavision..... )
LifeView FlyDVB
Netcast DVB
NEWMI Advanced DVB
Telemann Skymedia 300 DVB (not official)
St@rKey usb box
Cards with BDA driver (possible issues with some cards)
Also works without a card, for example, as a video player or as a broadcast client

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